My name is Daniela Fubini and this is my personal blog.

I grew up in Italy in a Jewish family very active in the Jewish life and culture. After living in New York for a few years in the early 2000′, I made my alyiah to Israel in December 2007. I live in Tel Aviv and I am a proud Israeli who can criticize the country like a child criticizes his parents: out of love and need of rebellion.

Not long ago I realized that my natural attitude at writing about what happens around me has changed, and not for the best, since FB come into my life. Too much information, mostly unnecessary and redundant; too much noise.

This blog is my personal way of making space for interesting, possibly even useful thoughts in the Facebook era. It is my writing outlet in my mother tongue, Italian, with chapters from my previous lives (a few), and small stories about my present.

NOTE – No racism, no anti-something, no shouted comments will be allowed on this blog. This is not a democracy: it’s my personal blog.